LEGO® Lunch Boxes

Lunch is now fun with these LEGO® Lunch Boxes!
A great gift idea for young boys and girls who will love LEGO®!




Lunchtime just got a lot more exciting with these LEGO® Lunch Boxes! Playful, practical and perfect for hungry LEGO fans! The box includes a movable divider to separate vegetables, fruits, sandwiches and other items. The clips make it easy for kids to open the lid and use it as a plate, while the coordinating drinks bottle helps kids stay hydrated.
Available in 7 designs!

  • Dimensions: 17 x 13 x 6 cm (deep) //6.69″ x 5.11″ 2.36″(deep) Inches.
  • Weight: 185 grams // 0.405 lb // 6.49 oz.
  • Capacity: 1000 ml.
  • Material: Safe and Strong, Constructed of BPA, Phthalate, and PVC-free Polypropylene, this lunch box complies with all relevant food safety requirements.
  • Adjustable Compartments: Never worry about the fruits and veggies mixing up again with the adjustable sliding divider, keeping foods separate and safe.
  • Easy Seal Lid: The snap on lid is easy to use for little hands. It also removes entirely to double as a plate for your sandwich or other nutritious snacks.
  • Simple Clean Up: At the end of the day, just pop it in the dishwasher (max 40 degrees Celsius) to get it ready for the next meal, making this the easiest lunch box to keep clean.
  • Do Not put in microwave.
  • Designs:
    Iconic Classic, Ages 3+
    Iconic Girl, Ages 3+
    Iconic Boy, Ages 3+
    Harry Potter Gryffindor, Ages 6+
    Harry Potter Hogwarts, Ages 6+
    Ninjago Classic, Ages 6+
    Friends, Ages 6+

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